Dear Patient of Fit-Well Prosthetic & Orthotic Center,

We Need YOUR Help TODAY!

We are writing to ask for your assistance and to inform you of a very urgent and important issue that will ultimately affect your ability to receive appropriate prosthetic care in the future. Medicare has proposed shocking new rules that will significantly limit the quality of prosthetic care that can be provided to patients. Even if you do not have Medicare at this time, these new rules could impact you since private insurance companies follow the guidelines that Medicare creates. We only have a few weeks to make our voices heard. We are asking for your help!

In order to get Medicare’s attention, WE NEED YOU TO PLEASE SIGN AN ONLINE PETITION EXPRESSING YOUR CONCERNS ABOUT THESE NEW MEDICARE RULES. This online White House Petition will raise awareness in order to obtain a formal public response regarding these proposed Medicare coverage limitations. We are letting the White House know that it is unacceptable to limit prosthetic care that people living with limb loss need in their daily lives and that we want this policy rescinded. A website has been established that has a link to the online petition and tools to help you voice your opinion to Medicare.

Click Here To Sign The Petition

Click Here To Sign The Petition

If you want to do more, you can write a letter to Medicare and your representatives in congress. Tools and templates to help you write these important letters are available through the links in the center of the page at and it will only take a few minutes of your time to help make a big difference.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures to be prioritized by the White House, so once you’ve signed up, be sure to encourage your friends and family to sign it as well! Share this information with your friends, family, local media, and social media networks (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) to help generate support to rescind this flawed medical policy and to establish more realistic guidelines for amputee care.

If you want more information, there are links to the Amputee Coalition (, as well as other organizations, to help you become better informed of how this bad government policy will negatively impact you and all amputees if we do not take action immediately.

Please help protect your future and the future of all other amputees by taking action.


Your Friends at Fit-Well