Our Products

Fit-Well prides itself on an employee certified staff allowing for the provision of the following orthotic products:

Upper and Lower Extremity Braces  •  Scoliosis Bracing  • Pediatric Supports •  Sport Supports  •  Spinal Products

orthopedic appliance

There has always been a need to increase the function of limbs that have been damaged by disease, birth defects, accidents or war. Over the years the necessities for more comfortable appliances have met up with modern technology. The use of space age plastics and metals such as titanium are now common. Today’s products are more comfortable, stronger and lighter.

There are better foot supports which combine the use of foam and silicone gels. There are also upper and lower limb braces that use thermo plastics and thermofoams, like the ankle support gel cast and neck vibrating support shown in the photos on the left. 

Fit-Well® has been leading the industry for over 100 years! All through that time we’ve made it a point to be at the forefront of technological advances and breakthroughs. It’s about what the patient needs and wants, and those concerns have driven the industry. Fit-Well’s strength is the ability to listen and communicate with our patients, and do it better than anyone else.












Upper and Lower Extremity Products

Fit-Well has long been a manufacturer and fitting facility of all types of upper and lower extremity braces and supports; from the bracing of fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, upper arms, and shoulders, to toes, arch supports, feet, ankles, knees, hips and pelvic stabilization. We stay current with the latest technology to provide our patients the best possible care, service, and function available. The fitting experience that has been developed with new technology and materials, along with the many years of experience handed down from former Fit-Well practitioners allows us to solve any difficult fitting issues. Fit-Well prides itself on our service to our patients and their physicians, making a successful team approach to the fitting of our devices.










Scoliosis Bracing

Fit-Well’s staff has been trained and certified to fit all types of Scoliosis bracing, from prefabricated to custom molded to the patient. New lightweight materials and innovative designs have allowed many patients to more fully enjoy their daily activities while wearing their support.












Fit-Well has practitioners certified in pedorthics . This allows us to manufacture custom supports to fit each patient’s unique foot and their various problems, allowing them to walk and be up on their feet for longer periods of time and with more comfort. We have also helped the serious athlete compete with more comfort in sports and every day life.








Pediatric Products

Fit-Well has been at the forefront of bracing the many unique problems of children for many years. The years of success and training have made our practitioners experts in this area and regionally recognized for their expertise.








Sport Products

Fit-Well’s staff has been trained and certified to fit all types of sports bracing, from the knee and foot, to the wrist, elbow, and shoulder. New lightweight braces and innovative designs have allowed many patients to fully enjoy their competitive sports.










Spinal Products

Fit-Well specializes in custom made back supports, from complete body jackets to corsets. The custom made supports are manufactured from a combination of measurements and a mold of the torso to produce a comfortable fit. Fit-Well also custom fits many prefabricated devices to the patient by heating and molding the plastic to fit the body to produce a comfortable and supportive device.