Fit-Well in St. George

Orthotic Center in St. George, UT Lost limbs, injured ankles, spines, backs, knees and virtually any other joint in the body can leave you with excruciating pain and loss of mobility. Our prosthetics and orthotics center in St. George, UT utilizes the industry’s leading technology to fit you for the perfect orthotic or prosthetic.

Orthotic Center in St. George, UT

Fit-Well Prosthetics and Orthotic Center has over 100 years of experience helping patients just like you return to the activities that they love most.

Our St. George orthotic center offers three different services:


Prosthetics and artificial limbs allow you to return to the activities you love while also ensuring the body remains in the anatomically correct position. Modern advances allow us to offer prosthetics in the following categories:

  • Myoelectric prosthetics
  • Hybrids prosthetics
  • Upper and lower extremity prosthetics
  • Pediatric prosthetics
  • Ultralight prosthetics
  • Sports prosthetics
  • Microprocessor controlled lower extremity prosthetics
  • Elevated vacuum assisted socket systems

Our certified staff will fit you properly so that your prosthetics are comfortable, accurately sized and durable.


Limbs that are damaged, injured or have not grown properly due to disease or birth defect can benefit greatly from orthotics and orthopedics. Through the use of plastics and metals, orthotics are more comfortable and stronger than ever before.

Foams and silicone gels as well as thermoplastics and thermal foams allow for a comfortable fit without placing unwarranted pressure on the bones.

The custom fit orthotics that we offer include:

  • Upper and lower extremity orthotics
  • Pediatric orthotics
  • Sports orthotics
  • Spine orthotics
  • Scoliosis bracing
  • Knee braces


Cranial Helmets

Cranial helmets allow for added protection of your child’s skull and brain while also being cleared by the FDA. Our unique technology allows you to see directly through the cranial helmet so that you can visually inspect your child’s head at all times.

Effective and safe, our P.A.P. orthosis allows an abnormally shaped head to grow normally in a passive matter.

St. George Orthotic Center

We’re located at 720 S. River Rd. Ste. A113 in St. George, Utah.

Give us a call today at: 435-634-0070.