Most people do a fair bit of research to find a doctor that they like and trust. The same should be true for amputees looking for a prosthetist. 

Whether you have recently lost a limb and are searching for a prosthetist for the first time, or whether you are hoping to switch to a different prosthetist, check out the suggestions from Fit-Well below to find the prosthetics expert best suited to you. 

  • Experience is a must:

When evaluating a potential prosthetist, the first thing to consider is their experience. Look at their licensing, credentials, and training. Ask how long they have practiced in the area. Pay special attention to whether they have dealt with cases similar to your own. 

Fit-Well has been a leader in the Utah prosthetics industry since 1908. Our team has over a century of experience working with a variety of cases and is prepared to deal with anyone who walks through our doors. 

  • Look for someone ho has the ability to customize:

Every amputee’s story is unique and personal. You’ll want to find a prosthetist who will customize your prosthetics to your specific body, goals, financial capabilities

At Fit-Well, our team takes its time with each individual patient. We understand that every amputee has different needs and desires, and we will customize your prosthetics to help you achieve your specific goals. 

  • Use of the latest technology and innovation:

Besides experience and expertise, you want to find a prosthetist who keeps up-to-date on the latest technologies and advances in the industry. 

Although we have been in business since 1908, Fit-Well’s team is constantly adapting. We devote a significant portion of our practice to research and development. We are trained and prepared to safely implement the latest advances in the field. 

  • Patient care and relationship: 

Chemistry is as important a consideration as experience. Look for a prosthetics team with whom you can feel comfortable voicing your concerns and asking questions freely. Make sure you feel welcomed and respected in the environment. 

Remember that your prosthetist’s job doesn’t end as soon as they find you a prosthetic. This is an ongoing relationship. Any issues with comfort or function should be addressed as soon as possible. Find a prosthetist who you can trust and who will put you first not only during your initial appointments but every time you come in to see them. 

At Fit-Well, our team prides itself on our customer service and the relationships that we form with our patients. Our mission is to provide outstanding care, listen to you, help you achieve your goals, and work with you to overcome every hurdle that comes your way.  

  • Check patient reviews:

Finally, look at success stories and people’s past experiences with the prosthetist. Ask for referrals from your health care team and other amputees in your Utah community. 

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