Orthopedics in St. George, Utah

There has always been a need to increase the function of limbs that have been damaged by disease, birth defects, accidents or war. Over the years the necessities for more comfortable appliances have met up with modern technology. The use of space age plastics and metals such as titanium are now common. Today’s orthotics are more comfortable, stronger and lighter.

There are better foot orthotics which combine the use of foam and silicone gels. There are also upper and lower limb braces that use thermo plastics and thermofoams, like the ankle support gel cast and neck vibrating support shown in the photos on the left.

Fit-Well Prosthetics and Orthotic Center® has been a leader in the industry since 1908.We have stayed on top of technological advances and breakthoughs in order to better serve our patients. The patient’s needs, desires, wants, and concerns have made the prosthetic and orthotic industry what it is today. Fit-Well’s success is measured by the ability to listen and communicate better than anyone.