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Prosthetics in St. George, Utah

As long as man has been on the earth, there has been a need to restore lost limbs. Disease, birth defects, accident and war are some of the common ways that individuals acquire a need for prosthetics. The desire to completely restore the function of a missing limb has always been one of man’s greatest quests. Whatever the cause of limb loss, the search for functionality has been the reason for so many great advances through the centuries.

Modern advances have produced electronic devices that pick up the signal from the nervous system through the muscles. These devices operate electronic arms, elbows, and wrists that mimic natural limbs. New materials have allowed prosthetic legs and feet to store energy. The major capability of this new design is its ability to adapt to uneven terrain. This allows the patient to run and play sports. It also enables more adjustability to any particular individual. New understanding and advances have produced materials that provide the patient with more comfort than ever before. These materials include cad-cam, silicones, and foam / composites for increased strength and lighter weight.