Prosthetics in Ogden, UT

Prosthetic technology has been around for years and years. They have been used to help those who have suffered from diseases or lost a limb during a battle.  But in recent times, the technology of artificial limbs has advanced. Although improvements in modern technology have changed artificial limbs, the core blueprint has stayed relatively the same throughout the years.

In historical times, the Egyptians were the early pioneers when it came to artificial limb technology. Rather than used for functional purposes it was used to look like a limb and made out of the fiber. Eventually, the material of artificial limbs advanced with due time it went from bronze, iron, steel, copper, leather, and paper. In the 17th through the 19th centuries, inventors came up with what would be the blueprint for artificial limbs in the future. Before using steel was the norm, but they came up with the idea of using aluminum because it was much lighter and a more functional consistency. Because of the civil war, more demand for artificial limbs came into play and eventually led to the orthopedic and prosthetics association.

Nowadays, we have made artificial limbs lighter, functional and more realistic with the improvement in materials such as advanced plastics and carbon-fiber composites. Electronic technologies make today’s advanced artificial limbs more controllable, even capable of automatically adapting their function during certain tasks, such as gripping or walking. Another significant advancement is how the new limbs can be wired directly into nerves, whereas, in the past, the prosthetic was attached to the remaining portion of the limb. With technology advancing, the science of artificial limbs will help many individuals.

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