Amputees are more mobile than ever before. You can do virtually anything, and when you travel, you don’t want anything to get in your way of fun. There are several items you’ll need to bring along with you to make your trip more pleasurable.

Item Checklist:

Dietary changes to increasing your activity can have an affect on your residual limb. You can’t prepare for every circumstance, but you can be better prepared by bringing along the following items:

  • Antiperspirants: Perspiration doesn’t lead to just odor; it can also lead to abrasions and sores. Baby or body powder will help to absorb sweat, eliminating odor and keeping your stump dry.
  • Cleansers, Creams and Lotion: Cracking and drying can lead to irritation, sores and discomfort. Creams and lotions should be placed on the stump every day. Cleaners should also be used to limit bacteria and will you help avoid infections. Prosthetic manufacturers offer the best cleanser recommendations for their products.
  • Antibiotics: A medicated, topical ointment to treat sores and cuts is recommended. There are several options available at every pharmacy that won’t require you to have a prescription.
  • Dressing: Skin dressing with medicated gel or an adhesive bandage is ideal for any limb that is under a lot of stress. This will promote healing while protecting your skin.
  • Medication: An obvious concern for every person is medication. Always bring along more medication than necessary, and pack medication in your carry-on bag and in your luggage. This way, you will have a backup if you lose either.
  • Stump Socks, Liners, Sleeves and Shrinkers:  Different size stump socks and liners should be packed for every trip. These items will be needed if you experience volume loss during your travel. Stump shrinkers are recommended, especially if you’re in areas with high altitude that cause swelling.

These are just the basic items you’ll need to help protect your limb and prosthetic at the same time. You’ll also want to bring along a small toolkit just in case you need to tighten any screws or bolts on your prosthetic.

If you’ve never traveled with an artificial limb before, know that the metal components will set off airport security alarms. You’ll need to be patient and talk to the security personnel to discuss your options. You can opt to have a pat down instead of going through the scanners, but always remember that all security checks must be respectful. If personnel asks you to take off a prosthetic, ask to speak to a supervisor. In most cases, removal of a prosthetic is not warranted.

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